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Tips to Take Care of Your Car

You have invested thousands of dollars to purchase a vehicle. To ensure you get the best safety and performance from it, there are some small things yet very important things you can do to ensure car maintenance and security.

Car theft and vehicle break-ins have greatly increased in recent years, even in areas where no such activity existed before. Vehicle defense begins with an alarm system, which is generally installed by the factory. If your vehicle is older, you may need to have a system installed. Another wonderful anti-theft and tracking device is the LoJack security too, which comes with a GPS tracking capability. This is an added feature, but the peace of mind that comes with an alarm system far exceeds the risk of losing your car cause you are without one.

Getting past car security, a quick daily visual inspection can save you time, money and inconvenience and help avoid repair bills. Maintain routine oil changes and use that time for checking the air and gas filters, timing chain, belts, battery, windshield fluids, hoses and the brakes. If you see any windshield cracks, repair them as soon as possible. If they are not repaired, they will quickly grow and spread across the entire surface. If this happens, you will have to replace your windshield in accordance with the law.

Correct tire pressure is essential for the life of the tires, steering accuracy, and good gas mileage. Check the pressure after the car has been driven for a sustained period of time, and if needed, install new tires when you see very little, or no, tread on them. Also make sure you know what grade of gasoline your car requires. If it does not demand a higher grade, save money by using the cheapest gas available.

The more you know about your vehicle and the more you adhere to car care maintenance schedules, the longer it will improve its durability and save you time and money. Enjoy the ride, but remember that it is what is inside that really matters.

We Repair Windshield Cracks

Auto Glass Authority is a professional windshield repair or replacement company based locally out of Las Vegas. Approved and recommended by most insurance companies and operating with four conveniently located workshops, we provide the best quality service you are likely to find in the Valley.

We have more than 30 years of experience. We understand the value of our customers and the personal care that your car needs. When you call in our helpline you don't have to deal with an answering machine, our company representative will directly speak to you. Let us know your auto glass insurance policy number and we will contact your insurance company with you and help you quickly process your auto glass claim.

We have deployed a fleet of professionally equipped service vehicles which are available to come to you and repair or replace your car's windshield on site. All our work is fully guaranteed and we ensure 100% satisfaction.

So if a stone chip kicks up on the highway and damages your windshield you know what to do.
Call us at: 702-990-7492.

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